PhD students

Lucia van Schaik, MSc. (ongoing) Impact of crowd management measures in transfer hubs.

Shi Sun, MSc. (visiting PhD) Modelling of walking behaviour in shopping streets.

Martijn Sparnaaij, MSc. (ongoing) Real-time forecasting of large-scale crowd movements in urban spaces.

Yan Feng, MSc. (ongoing) The use of VR & AR to study pedestrian behaviour.

Lara Britt-Zomer, MSc. (ongoing – thesis handed in) A structure for urban cognition: Fundamental research into the theory and modelling of spatial knowledge, wayfinding behaviour and learning processes by active modes in urban environments.

Danique Ton, MSc. (2019) Unravelling Mode and route choice behaviour of active mode users. 

Master students

Xinyi Wang (ongoing) – Quantifying interactions at events during COVID-19. Chair graduation committee.

Xinyi Wang (2020) – Forecasting tourist counts with historical counts and external features. Supervision of internship @ TU Delft.

Paula Godoy (ongoing) – Real-time crowd movement forecast: A scenario-based method combining microsimulation and real-time crowd monitoring data. Chair graduation committee with Martijn Sparnaaij and Nienke Valkhoff (INCONTROL).

Paula Godoy (2019) – Verification and validation study focussed on IMO. Supervision of internship @ INCONTROL.

Lucia van Schaik (2020) – Estimating the flow capacity of pedestrian intersections at train stations: A field study at Utrecht Centraal station. Joint daily supervision with Rik Schakenbos (NS).

Suraj Kishoen Misier (2019) – Determinants of E-bike route choice behaviour. Joint daily supervision with Danique Ton.

Gina Michailidou (2019) – The influence of the visible views on cyclists’ route choices. Joint daily supervision with Stephan van de Spek and Lara Zomer.

Elise Zuurbier (2019) – Pedestrian perception on Level of Service measures at mass events. Daily supervisor.

Sanmay Shelat (2017) – Developing an integrated pedestrian behaviour model for office buildings. Member thesis committee.

Martijn Sparnaaij (2017) – How to calibrate a pedestrian flow model: an investigation into how the choices of scenarios and metrics influence the calibration. Daily supervisor.

Christos Bafatakis (2014) – Influence of urban characteristics of pedestrian route choices: a stated preference approach. Daily supervisor.

Bachelor students

Jarco Vianen (2019) – Influence of the Pilot Mobility Scheme on the intention to change modality.

Simone Hoskam (2018) – The experience of safety of cyclists and pedestrians in shared spaces.

Jorik Grolle (2017) – Perception of crowdedness, safety and atmosphere in large groups of people.

Silvia Lemmens (2016) – Uitgangskeuze tijdens evacuatie CiTG.